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See the slide show that shows how to make energy accounts. See how tighter CO2 quotas may shift the competitive balance between power generation plants, and how it affects the electricity market. Find all the hidden tasks and solve them. Find the area of ​​the energy sector in which you work, or know someone who is working. If you go deeper into the platform, you will also find the place where you can see how oil and gas production in the North Sea has evolved over time.


Find CO2 emissions per capita of Langeland, and wonder how they succeed in getting such a low level. Find the energy flows in the DEA Wind scenario, and get a glimpse of the future. In addition, there are many other experiences that are stored on the platform.


Do you want to be part of the community around a holistic approach to energy, where we agree on definitions and mapping methods, and where we use educational tools to understand the most important relationships in the energy system - then E2G platform is for you, and you shall join the community.

In a fossil-free future in which we no longer can just make use of fossil energy stocks and emit large amounts of CO2, we need to take an interest in the relationships in the energy system, and how we get the total energy budget to balance. Energy Together - also called E2G - is an interactive web platform. On the platform you get an overview of the technical energy system, of how the energy sector is organized, and how decisions are made. E2G can be used in teaching, strategic energy planning and simulation of decisions about energy production and consumption.

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It is crucial for the understanding of the relationships in the energy system that we understand how the energy balance is structured. This understanding is important because the energy balance is a precondition for

  • Reliable projections of the development of the energy system
  • Effective assessment of the proposed innovation projects
  • Establishment of the general financial accounts for an energy system
  • Setting the environmental report

On E2G platform you are introduced to energy accounts for a geographical area. You can also see a visualization of the total energy balance of different energy systems

Clich here to see the accounting method


In this part of the platform you can follow the energy flows in different geographic areas from where energy is extracted, to where energy is finally converted to energy services in the form of light, heat, work, transport, etc.

You have access to the visualization of historical energy accounts for Denmark, South Denmark and a number of municipalities. Furthermore, you can see how energy flows appear in the DEA scenarios for 2035 and 2050

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In the Decision System part of the platform we map how the energy sector is organized and all important decisions made - from decisions on R & D activities to operational decisions. We also map the control and support processes that provide the framework for decisions.

This mapping of the decision-making processes are used, inter alia, in the simulation part of E2G platform to describe the actors and their possible influence on energy flows and market developments, so that users through these simulations can see the consequences of various decisions

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The demo version of the Market Simulator can be used as an introduction to the spot market for electricity. With demo version you get insight into how the system price is formed. In the full version of Market simulator you can learn about price areas and you can build your own power market.

You can login to The Market Simulator by participating in Strategirummets Power Market cource, or by purchasing a license. See the "license"

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IEA visualization of energy flows

IEA collects annual energy accounts for most countries in the world. You can see a visualization of the energy accounts for roughly the same structure as the visualization, located on E2G platform.

At IEA visualization you can see how the energy flows has evolved over the last 40 years in most countries in the world

See IEA visualization here

Energy Transition Model

While you wait for that energy flow simulator at E2G platform to be developed, we recommend that you check in at the platform Energy Transition Model where you can see how different decisions affect energy flows and the economy.

See Energy Transition Model here

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