Decision system

Where do you work in the decision structure?

Decision system in E2G

A central part in the E2G concept is the cohesion between the decision system and the technical energy system described in the section regarding energy flows.

In the section 'Introduction to the decision system” you find a description of how the E2G structure can be used to map the many energy related decisions made within and outside of the energy sector. You should be able to find your own role here, and the decisions in which you participate.

We are still working on mapping the decision system. E2G presents the concepts for how to carry out this mapping. Our goal is to continously initiate projects with the purpose of mapping the various parts, and that the results are available here on E2G.

We give you four examples of how to use the decision structure in E2G to create an overview over important yet very complex relations. Furthermore, the four examples constitute suggestions for projects which creates an increased overview of the relations in the energy sector. Contact us, if you are interested in becoming a partner of one of the projects.

Wiki - decision system

Introduction to the decisions made within and outside of the energy sector

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