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Energy Together provides a comprehensive understanding of the total energy area. This understanding can help actors to take the best environmental, social and economic decisions in the energy sector.

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E2G overview

We will now look at how the Energy-Together map is constructed by following the energy flows from the sources and to the places where we use energy for lighting, heating, PC's, transport, etc. Each of the above chapters will be reviewed. If you think it is too complicated, or if you want to know more, please feel free to sign up to Insero Science Academy Course: "Introduction to the energy sector and energy system" - see course descriptions.

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With this map, you get an overview of the energy system and the energy sector and you can zoom in on the details. The thickness of the energy flows symbolizes the amount of energy extracted, transported and converted.

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You can use platform to ...

  • Overview of energy flows in Denmark and in the municipalities
  • Access to market data products and concepts in the energy system (Info on existing power plants through UDI database, info on energy consuming devices via the link to the DEA's databases and reports, etc.)
  • Understanding how the electricity market works (The Market Simulator shows the most important mechanisms in the Nordic spot market for electricity)
  • Identification of innovations across energy areas (Smart Grid, co-generation of electricity, heat and fuels for transport, energy stocks, etc.)
  • Potential for efficiency through the realization of synergies (eg. Waste incineration in power plants, the use of sewage sludge in the energy sector, while cooling and heating via heat pumps, etc.)
  • Better communication across skills and education levels (Interdisciplinary communication between engineers, economists, lawyers, electricians, engineers, etc.)
  • Increased motivation in their daily work (we are getting better at our work when we understand the role we play in the overall system)
  • Establishment of a holistic approach to energy
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The E2G map

The Energy Together map shows how energy flows from the places where it is extracted to the places where the energy is finally converted to energy services. The map also shows the decisions taken in the different parts of the energy system. There are the following dimensions in the Energy Together map:

  • The geography (country, region, municipality, place)
  • Time (year, month, week, day, hour, minute, second)
  • Location on energy flow map (energy form and technology)
  • Position in the decision chain from R & D to operations
  • The name of the actor

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