Energy Accounts

Energy Accounts

Energy Accounts

We distinguish between historical energy accounts and energy accounts for future energy systems (energy budgets).

With regard to the historical energy accounts we collect measurement data for all end-use and energy conversions that exist. In the absence of measurements within a certain range data calculated on the basis of statistical data. DEA prepares an annual energy accounts for Denmark on the basis of measurements and data from Statistics Denmark. In the presentation to the right: "Introduction to Energy Accounts" you can see how energy accounts are drawn up.

Energy accounts are often inaccessible to non-experts. Therefore we have visualized the energy accounts through a number of energy flows on the E2G platform. You can see examples of this visualization under "Energy Flows"

If you want help to establish energy accounts, you can contact the company Strategirummet Aps by sending an email to

It is often different people who collect historical data and calculates future energy accounts and they do not use the same accounting methods. This diversity is not very user friendly. One aim of E2G concept is to build consensus around accounting structure so that results of energy accounts will become easier to communicate.

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