Energy flows

Energy flows in Denmark

Energy Flows

In this part the platform you can follow the energy flows in different geographic areas of the energy system from where energy is extracted, to where the energy is finally converted to energy services in the form of light, heat, work, transport, etc. The E2G-map is explained in detail on the page: "Description of E2G"

Data for Denmark is retrieved directly from the DEA's most recent annual statistics. Annual statistics are updated every year, and shows data are max. 2 years old. Data from the municipalities in Region South Denmark is drawn from the results of the SEP project (2014-2015). Energy flows can be displayed for all other municipalities, if they simply collected in a format that interacts with E2G card.

By clicking on different locations on the map of the Danish energy flows, you can get help to understand the definitions and you can see the development of flows from 1990 to the latest statistics.

When you click the "hat" far right, you get asked a few questions, which you have to click onto the energy flows to be used to calculate the answer. You can help to answer the questions by clicking on "Need Help" in the upper right corner. Then the energy flows, you must click on - are flashing.

If you find it hard to understand the map, we recommend that you join the Strategirummets course: "Introduction to the energy sector and the energy system."

When mailing to  Flemming Nissen (, we can make a deal that you can get a version of the map where you can put your own information in. So you can use it for your own knowledge dissemination.


Energy Flows for different areas

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