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Electricity spot market

Market Simulator (For proper use, apply Google Chrome as browser)

In the public version of the Market Simulator the system prices are calculated based on the Nordic electricity spot market. In the simulator you can pretend to be the producing operator of electricity or you can pretend to be a trader in you company. You have the possibility to change the fuel prices, CO2 prices and the availability of the plants – and observe how your changes will influence on the system prices. The remaining market roles are not available for simulation in the limited version.

If you are interested in reaching a more thorough understanding of the spot market, and thus including limitations in the transport possibilities between countries and areas, we highly recommend that you buy a license to the Market Simulator or attend a E2G course on Power Markets. With a license you will have complete access to the full version of the Market Simulator, which includes price area calculations and allows you to introduce new electricity plants, new transmission connections, make changes in the electricity comsumption, etc.

Furthermore, if you have a license to the UDI databasen from Platts, you can have access to a version of the Simulator which also includes the German electricity market.

Our Market Simulator is intented for teaching purposes, and the data is presented in a form that allows it to be used as base for trading on the market. You will experience that some plants are placed in the wrong price area, some may have been scrapped already, some is presented with a wrong fuel type. But this is of no great importance, as the simulator is intented for teaching purposes.

To learn more about electricity markets, we can recommend the textbook "Fundamentals of Power System Economics" by Daniel Kirschen Goran Strbac. It is the "The Holy Bible" for us who have a technical background and would like to understand how the optimization of the technical / economic system can take place using market principles. It is also a good textbook for others who want to penetrate deeper into the electricity market, as it is written very educational.

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